• Sequel 6052 Lift Standing Desk – 66″x30″
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  • standing-desk-sequel-lift-desk-6052-bdi-CH-1
  • adjustable-desk-sequel-lift-desk-6052-6059-bdi-CH-3
  • adjustable-desk-sequel-lift-desk-6052-6059-bdi-CWL-3
Sequel 6052 Lift Standing Desk – 66″x30″
Micro-etched, black tempered glass top provides a smooth worksurface that is resistant to fingerprinting. Digital keypad with user-programmable presets can be installed on left or right of desk. Cable management system keeps wiring organized and out-of-sight.

Product Description

The SEQUEL office collection set a new standard for efficient and organized workspaces, and the bar has been raised with the SEQUEL LIFT DESK. These versatile, height-adjustable desks feature a powered leg system controlled by a digital, programmable keypad. Whether sitting, standing or somewhere in-between, the work surface is always at the perfect height. Partnering beautifully with the rest of the SEQUEL collection, the ergonomic LIFT DESK is sure to elevate any workday.